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Anna Kovach’s Capricorn Man Secrets

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Hey, John here!

If you are landed on this page, it means you are not sure if the product (let's call it e-guide (e-book + guide = e-guide)) Capricorn Men Secrets (from is the right choice for you.

And if you start looking around the web, you will notice hundred and one "review" that gives you zero value information.

However, don't worry. Today, we are going to go through everything about this e-guide, and about Anna Kovach

So, sit tight and enjoy the ride!


Is Capricorn Man Secrets Shameless Scam Designed To Rip You Off?

This is probably the most important question here so let's cover it first.

When it comes to and how legitimate it is, we can ask two critical questions:

1. If I put my credit card information and press "Pay Now" button, will I be redirected to download page? Does this guide exists or it's just a credit card scam?


Yes, this guide exists. Yes, you will be redirected to the download page, and you will get download information directly to your inbox. And yes, it will contain everything: main guide and four bonuses, everything in the PDF format, so you can read it on any device or print it out.

And here is how can you be sure: Anna Kovach uses Clickbank as her payment processor. She can't see your credit card information or get any access to it. You are dealing with Clickbank here, and you are entirely safe.

At this point, you should know this: Clickbank is established, a well respected payment processor that had to review and approve this e-guide before Anna K. can use their service - collecting payments.

So, to conclude the first question - yes, there is a complete guide to a Capricorn man, and yes, you will get instant access after check out.

2. Will you find all that info about Capricorn Man inside and how can you put him under your spell?


You will get a ton of information about Capricorn man, and if you are Astrology believer, this will be a real treat for you.

Capricorn Men Secrets Costs $47 - Should You Pay For It?

Should you pay for relationship advice that will show you how to use the power of Astrology as an advantage?

Well, that depends on you.

When it comes to safety - you are safe, this product is not a scam. But if you don't believe in Astrology - then you should not pay for this product. You don't need it, and you can find other relationships products that will suit you better.

On the other hand, if you like and believe in Astrology and want to learn something new about the relationship, love and (of course) Capricorn man than this is no-brainer, you should go for it.

Remember, you are under 60-day money back guarantee, so if you are not sure if this is the right product for you - you still can download it and if you don't find it useful for your current situation - just return it. No foul no harm.

Is This Guide Worth Its Price?

Enter your text As you notice, the price is slightly higher than for the average e-book you can buy on Amazon (they are around $10 on Amazon).

However, you should consider a few things:

- This is not a novel or NY Times bestseller that is or will be sold in millions of copies and that you will forget as soon as you close it.

- Astrology is expensive. Like really expensive. Especially Love Astrology. If you are not familiar with average rates check out this links:

As you can see, nothing goes under $150 per hour, and there is no guarantee for success, and there is no refunds.

On the other hand, Anna Kovach gives you full 60 days "no questions asked" refund if you don't find her guide or her advice useful. And the price is at least three times smaller.

And you should not consider this product like an ebook at all. It's more a complete guide, roadmap, blueprint to understand a Capricorn man better. And blueprints are more expensive.

So, if you don;t want to pay over $150 for love readings, and you still want to find out how can you use Astrology as your allay - then we can safely conclude that this the right choice for

Does Capricorn Man Secrets Has The Power To Change your Love Life?

Yes and no.

Let's take another look at this part (taken from her website):

"... that this is not a "fortune telling" website. Your future has many possibilities AND it depends upon your choices. So the things here work only when you believe in them, and you have an open mind."

However, it's important to underline that this guide is only that - a guide.

Yes, you will get some useful information about your man, but they will mean nothing if you are not ready to start working on your relationship.

Anna Kovach may show you how can you read your man like an open book, but if you are not commited to pay attention to these datils - then this program will not work for you.
You can't change or save your relationship, and definitely, you can't seduce him just by reading this guide.

It;s just not possible.

You need to put some work. Of course, you will get all the instructions, but they will mean nothing if you don't take decisive action.

So, to conclude this question: Will this guide work for you? It depends entirely on you: if you are going just half-read it and leave it forgotten - then no, it's not going to work.

On the other side, if you are willing to apply advice and tips given inside this book, then yes, you can expect a positive change in your love life.

Could You Find All This Info For Free?

Maybe. Probably not.

When it comes to free advice on the Internet, you should be aware that 99% of Astrological advice is not given by real Astrologist (in most cases not Astrologist at all). Usually, you will find same, hundred times re-written articles, bought on some freelance website like Upwork or Fiverr.

Don't believe me? Go and check out. After you read three articles, you will get bored, and you will notice that you didn't learn anything new or especially useful.

Finding the right and useful, free information is hard. And it;s even harder to find PROVEN information, as you know, today everyone is expert about everything.

However, if you are ready to put up with few months of research and frustration - then yes, you can find all this info for free.

But, why would you do to yourself when you can get all this and more with a few clicks, fast and frustration-free?

What Is The Worst Thing That Could Happen If I Decide To Buy Capricorn Man Secrets?

What if you download this guide and you don't enjoy it?

You will ask for a refund .

You will have to send an email and tell Ana you want your money back.

And that it.

Here, I will even write it for you:

"Hey Anna, I'm sorry to inform you that your guide is not for me and I would like to get a refund.

My purchase email is:
My purchase ID is:
Thank you"

And that is the worst case scenario. Not that bad or scary in when you focus on what could you gain from this guide.

So, don't worry, nothing terrible will happen. Your credit card information won't be stolen. You will get the download information and guide(s).

And if you don't like it - you will get your money back.

Simple as that.

What Can You Expect To Find Inside Download Section?

As you know, you will get 4 (four) different guides.

They are:

  1. The Main Guide
  2. #1 Bonus - Capricorn Man Sextrology 
  3. #2 Bonus - 25 Ways to Delight Your Capricorn Man
  4. #3 Bonus - How To Text a Capricorn Man
  5.  #4 Bonus - How To Get a Capricorn Man Back

and you will get access to VIP Consulting - Ask Ann Anything as Bonus #6.

Of course, everything is included in one package after you purchase the primary guide.

Now let's take a closer look to each one:

The Main guide:

I believe that Anna has described her guide through this sentence:

"... It's a perfect bland of Astrology, Psychology and much more..."

You can expect to find some nicely put mix of Astrology and Psychology advice, nicely formatted as a pdf ebook.

Once you download and open it, you will get instant access to solutions like this (this is just a short overview):

  • Want to attract a Capricorn man without being perceived as needy or desperate?
  • What are the three keys to lasting joy and happiness in your relationship?
  • On what level are you compatible with a Capricorn man and how to increase your chances
  • As you know, Capricorn is infamous for his bad days (read behavior) - learn how to turn them around into your advantage.
  • Ready to make him commit? Great, that is covered too.
  • Can you imagine a Capricorn man without old emotional issues? No one can. However, here are the good news: you will discover how to make them work for you.
  • You will discover how to stir up his emotions properly and make him commit even more.
  • Scared that new technologies like FaceBook and Tinder changed the game? Don't worry that is covered too.
  • Some of your behavior traits can push Capricorn man away. Learn to recognize them and put them under your control.
  • Capricorns are known for thick, cold shield around them. You will get some useful and proven tips how to melt that shield away.
  • Not sure if he is into you? You will get proven ways to test him and find out what's going on.
  • Also, you will learn how to interpret his actions and thoughts, mood swings and more... No more secrets for you.
  • You will also discover why average relationship advice can only do you more harm than good. Don't let that ruin your chances with a Capricorn man.
  • Not sure how to meet a Capricorn? You will be shown how to do it the proper way and get an instant advantage.
  • Discover all his true feelings about you and your relationship and also learn how to make him open to you and tell you all his hidden desires and fears.
  • And why you shouldn't worry if your signs are not compatible and how can you make this work in your favor.

And much more...

#1 Bonus - Capricorn Man Sextrology

The first bonus is about you becoming better in bed and making him addicted to you. No matter how experienced you think you are, this will be exciting read without a doubt. Some of the things that you will find inside: 

  • how compatible you two are in bed and what Capricorn man (and maybe even every man) wants and desires. 
  • how to fulfill his dark part with romance and love. 
  • Ever heard of the "Venus impact'? You will now, and not only that, you will make it work for you. 
  • Want to have more "adventurous" love life, but not sure how to make it happen? Yep, covered here. 
  • Capricorns are known for their "nothing serious, just having fun" love life, but you will discover how to turn him into hard-core monogamist. 
  • Make him chase you - how to unlock his natural fire and lust and unleash the fantastic lover inside him. 
  • And how to seduce him properly - at the end, this whole Sextrology guide is about the fine art of Seduction and romance.

#2 Bonus - 25 Ways to Delight Your Capricorn Man

Sometimes we all lack ideas and inspirations when it comes to surprising the person we care about. And it can be hard to choose the right gift or activity to make it memorable.

This bonus guide will take care about that. You will get a bunch of ideas for best gifts for Capricorn Man, that will make him adore you even more.

#3 Bonus - How To Text a Capricorn Man

Like it or not, but today everybody texts and it's the most used way of communication.

Do it wrong, and you are doomed.

Do it right - and everything goes smooth and easy.

There are some things that you should NEVER text a Capricorn man, and you will discover what they are.

Also, you will learn to interpret his mixed signals from text messages and how to avoid confusing him.

He doesn't text back? Well, there must be the reason for that, and you will learn how to read it between the lines.

#4 Bonus - How To Get a Capricorn Man Back

Lost a Capricorn man before? Don't worry, if you still want him back, this bonus guide will help you with that. Of course, you can expect some magical spell that will get him back overnight. However, you will find some useful advice that will spark the old fire between you two and give you another chance.

Inside you will discover:

- top reasons why Capricorn men closed down and quit a relationship.

- and What you need to change before you start the process of getting him back.

#5 Bonus - VIP Consulting: Ask Anna Anything

Yes, you will get direct access to Anna's VIP Consulting, and she will give you her honest advice. However, due to a vast number of emails she receives every day, there is a considerable chance that this bonus will be closed soon.

Ready to Start with Capricorn Man Secrets?

Well, now you have the decision to make.

It's up to you: you can choose to close this page and never to think again about Capricorn Men Secrets ebook, or you can decide to make a risk-free investment.

In that case, you should click here and get redirected to the official website.

Again, you should focus on positive here: this kind of information you can't find anywhere else and if you love Astrology and love psychology - it would be a shame to skip this opportunity.

So, don't overthink, don't let the moment pass, just dive in and discover something new.

Best wishes, stay curious,

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